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At What Age Does Car Insurance Go Down?

A lot of factors go into determining your car insurance rate. One of those factors is age. If you are a young driver, you may be wondering when you are going to see some relief and have your car insurance go down. The good news is there is a cutoff age car insurance rates adjust.

Age Groupings:

Every insurance carrier has its own age groupings. Some use smaller groupings and adjust rates more frequently, while others use larger age brackets. Even with all the different brackets available, one age still stands to be the best for a reduction in premium. 25.

Why 25?

Twenty-five is the age statistical data shows a decrease in likelihood of a claim being filed. Let’s face it, 16 to 18 is certainly a shaky at best time for most drivers. It takes years of driving to gain the experience needed to become a defensive driver. 19 to 24 is a time of growth and for many includes college and possibly minimal driving.

How much will your rate go down?

Unfortunately, I cannot give an exact dollar amount for how much your rate will decrease. It just varies too much per insurance carrier and it can vary per person too because rates are highly individualized. If you have never seen a decrease in the past, you could be looking at a sizable change. It is possible to get an idea about how much your insurance rate will change by calling your insurance agent. Ask your agent if a new quote can be run with your age being listed as 25.

I turned 25 and my rate did not go down.

A couple of different things could be going on here. One, rates do not change until policy renewals. Your rate will not change on your birthday. You can either wait for your renewal or start a new car insurance policy to get the decrease faster. Or two, some other factor has actually increased your rate. A traffic violation, at-fault accident, or overall insurance carrier rate increase has eaten up your rate decrease. On the bright side, your rate increase would have been even larger had it not been for hitting the premium lowering age of twenty-five.

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