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Learn what it takes to get licensed as an insurance agent in the state of Michigan including how much it costs and where to take the test.

Become a Michigan Insurance Agent

Getting your Michigan Property and Casualty insurance license and or Life and Health licence to become an agent can be tough. Test taking may not be your strong suite and there is a lot to learn. Michigan has a set of requirements which need to be completed in order to receive your license. A few tips I learned along the way include actually going to a live class, study non-stop for an entire week, test right away so you do not forget all the information you have learned!

Sign Up for a Live Class:

Michigan Property and Casualty Licensing Classes
Michigan Life and Health Licensing Classes

Why Live Classes:

I highly recommend going to a live class. The instructors run the classes over and over again so they know exactly what to teach and are good at it. They are full of tips and advice of how to successfully pass the test. Reviewing the technical information in a class setting will most likely help you remember the important stuff. You will still need to study on your own so you won’t miss out on that. I just cannot imagine going over all the coursework solely on your own. Live classes are currently running $279.

On Your Own:

Everyone is different, and if you think going it alone is the best route for you it is an option. You can order workbooks to read through which come with practice tests. Or, online coursework is available too. Online training costs $179 and workbooks and other learning tools cost about $150. Sign up to take your test right after studying. Procrastinating really works against you when it comes to getting a Michigan insurance license.

What you need to know:

  • You must pass an approved pre-licensing education course.
  • Online, textbook, or classroom courses are available.
  • Courses provide 20 hours of instruction per line of authority.
  • You must pass your course completion examination with a 70% or better.
  • Course completion exams do not require a proctor.
  • A certificate of completion will need to be taken to the PSI testing facility.

The test itself costs $40 per license. Property and Casualty counts as one and Life and Health counts as one. If you do not pass the first time you can see how it can quickly add up. It is not an open book test! The test is taken on a computer in a testing facility. Minimum passing grades for the state licensing examination require as high as a 74%. Study your heart out beforehand and sign up for the test immediately.

Testing Centers

Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation | Licensing Division
Address: PO Box 30220 | Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 877.999.6442
Fax: 517.241.3953

Examination Facility
Provider: PSI Exams
Phone: 1.800.733.9267

Information is subject to change.

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