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Do not let a personality test ruin your chances of becoming an insurance agent. Learn how to pass an insurance job placement test.

How to Pass an Insurance Job Placement Exam – Including Sample Questions

Insurance Job Placement TestSo you want to become an insurance agent? You have done some research, maybe you know an agent or two. Maybe you currently work in an insurance office doing the job of an agent, but not getting paid like an agent. This is it, this is the career path you want more than anything. All that stands between you and your new profession is an insurance job placement exam. Simple right? I mean this is your number one goal to become an insurance agent. How could you possibly fail a job placement questionnaire if this is the job you want? Well, in fact many do. I have it on good authority only 30% of applicants pass the exam.

What is an Insurance Job Placement Exam?

Insurance agents need to be hungry, highly motivated, and ready to make a sale. It is not for the faint of heart. Agents cannot take things personally and cannot get discouraged by a mountain of people saying no. Recruiters like to use a job placement exam to see if you would be a good fit for an insurance agent position. It is pretty much a personality test. Allstate, Farm Bureau, and State Farm all use these types of questionnaires to quickly cut through a large group of prospects.

Use Common Sense

If you are committed to becoming an insurance agent, you need to think like the person trying to hire an agent. When you are going through the questions, read through them thoroughly. Then answer in the way you think they want you to answer, which I will tell you right now is aggressively. Even if you do not feel like you match exactly, you will most likely still be fine going after your dream job. These questionnaires are tough. You might not agree with everything they are asking, but you want to get the interview. Once you get past the job placement exam, you can re-evaluate whether or not you want the position. You will be in control. But, you will never get the chance if you do not answer these questions properly.

Sample Questions

1. Do you like to argue?

  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree
  • Unsure

2. Are you often able to persuade people?

  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree
  • Unsure

3. What is the most important to you?

  • Influence Over Others
  • Power
  • Family
  • Money

If you answered both one and two “Strongly Agree” you would be correct. Just forget about “Disagree, Agree, and Unsure” as answers. Pretend they do not exist. They are there to trip you up. If you go through an insurance job placement exam and select disagree or agree on every answer you will definitely not pass. These insurance companies are looking for agents with strong convictions. So make sure the word “strong” is in your answer.

Question three should be answered “Influence Over Others”. I’m sure many people are tempted to select family. It might seem rude to not select it. It might go against every moral fiber in your body, but remember this… You are trying to get this great new job for your family. This job could change the entire course of their future. Make the choice to get the job and don’t select family.


  • Always answer “Strongly”
  • Remember they are looking for someone who is hungry. Answer the questions as if you are starving. (You make money – then they make money)
  • Right now you need to be 100% committed to passing this exam not worried about hurting someone’s feelings.

If you are reading this before taking the exam, you are in great shape! If you just took the exam and are kicking yourself in the butt for not finding this sooner, there will be other opportunities. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Like I said, only 30% of people pass this personality quiz. Do not be afraid to ask your recruiter for an interview even if you fail this test. Make sure they have your resume and do your best to fight for the interview. That is what they are looking for, someone with fight!

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