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Mar 15

How Much Does SR 22 Insurance Cost?

The dreaded SR 22 insurance policy. Sounds expensive doesn’t it? Actually adding a SR 22 filing to your car insurance is not all that expensive. Pretty much anywhere you go it runs about $15 to $25 for a six month policy. Unfortunately here in Michigan, it’s the policy you are adding it to which costs so much.

Most people familiar with Michigan know car insurance is expensive around here. If you are required to file SR-22 paperwork on your car insurance policy, you are most likely a high risk driver. High risk drivers plus Michigan’s high cost no fault insurance equals a whole lot of money. Remember Michigan is “special” because we have unlimited medical coverage.

How Much Does a High Risk Michigan Car Insurance Policy Cost?

So many factors go into determining car insurance rates. It is seriously difficult, even more like impossible, to put an exact dollar mount on the cost. But if you are just dying for numbers without getting a quote, I’ll take a stab at it.

  • Liability only: $100 to $140 a month
  • Comprehensive: $25 to $100 a month
  • Collision: $50 to $200 a month

Add up the max dollar amounts and that puts you at $440 a month for full coverage on a single vehicle! Could that be right? Well it could be, if you are a 21 year old with a DUI and a new BMW. Like I mentioned, a lot of factors go into car insurance rates. Your rate is probably not going to be the same as your friend’s. And like I mentioned, I’m just trying to put you in the ball park. Don’t hold me to it!

Getting an actual quote is the best way to determine your car insurance rate. The more information you provide the more accurate your quote. Time to fess up to any violations because you’re only delaying the inevitable. At the time of purchase, the insurance carrier will know all of your driving history.

What Have You Learned?

  • Michigan car insurance is expensive.
  • Michigan car insurance while being a high risk driver is very expensive.
  • Insure your vehicle with liability coverage only to keep the cost down.
  • Keep your car insurance in effect and keep your driving record clean to get off high risk status asap.

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Aug 14

7 Tips for Getting Car Insurance after a DUI

Just the sheer humiliation of getting a DUI conviction may seem like the worst thing, but it is far from over at that point. The cost of time and money in paying fines, doing community service and the suspension of your driving privileges can pale in comparison to both finding and being able to afford car insurance again. It can haunt you for up to three years after a conviction.

There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for the journey and make getting car insurance after a DUI possible.

  1. Understand there is no overnight cure. It may be a struggle to complete all of the demands of the court and locate a car insurance company that is willing to insure you after the conviction. There will be many companies that will not cover you for at least 3 years with a clean record.
  2. Understand that the process will be expensive. High risk insurance is not cheap, no matter who you can find coverage from. The combination of insurance costs, mandatory alcohol treatment and fines can be quite costly.
  3. Fight the DUI charge. You need to get a good lawyer involved quickly, especially if there is a chance that you can get the charges dropped or reduced. The faster you can do this the chances are great that your insurance company will never even know about it. If the charges are simply reduced, it will most likely show up on your record. It is best to be honest about it unless the charges are quickly dropped.
  4. Get coverage with a nationally recognized carrier if possible. The coverage will generally be better and the rates will at least be competitive. You will be looking at a high price tag no matter who you go with, but at least you can be sure the coverage will be good.
  5. Follow through with all of the court obligations. Do not miss hearings, complete all community service and pay all fines. If you are seen as cooperative it makes it easier to get car insurance after a DUI.
  6. Know your SR-22 and make sure it fits the requirements of liability for your state. Make sure that the paperwork is done correctly and that it is accepted by your state agency. You normally have about 6 months to get this done, but that really depends on how restricted your driving is made and when you can get your privileges back.
  7. Do comparison shopping. It is not always about who is the least expensive. You want to make sure that the company will help you with the paperwork for the SR-22 and that they will do it timely. You want the best coverage, the most help and the best price in that order. It will be indicative of whether you want to stick with them once your DUI can be taken off the table and you can have normal car insurance once again.

Getting Out from Under

It may seem like a lot of work and expense to regain your driving privileges and get insurance coverage again. But if you steer clear of any more DUI’s, keep up your premium payments faithfully and follow through with your court commitments, you will be back to a sense of normalcy before you know it.

It is not a pleasant lesson to learn, but it is designed to make people feel enough financial impact and bother that the idea of drinking and driving will never cross your mind again. Just don’t do it!

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Jul 14

How to Get Insurance Without a License in Michigan

Getting car insurance without a driver’s license in Michigan might seem impossible. Getting your insurance license suspended or revoked is a difficult time. You’re always needing someone to drive you somewhere. Your car is ready to go, but your insurance dropped you because of your suspended license. Many agents may be sending you away, maybe they are even telling you it is impossible. Well, I’m here to tell you with a little persistence it is possible.

Start by approaching the right insurance companies.

No License, No ProblemIf your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, you are a high risk driver. Insurance carriers are concerned that even though you are not supposed to be driving, you will anyways and they will be stuck covering any losses you incur. You need to look for an insurance carrier who specializes in high risk auto insurance.

Popular High-Risk Insurance Carriers in Michigan(in no specific order)

Other carriers handle high risk insurance too. Some preferred carriers like State Farm offer high risk insurance coverage too. Calling an agent who only handles high risk auto policies is going to make things easier for you. They will be very familiar with your situation and will want your business. One of the problems high risk drivers face, is that preferred insurance agents are looking for preferred drivers and often do not want to handle policies involving high risk drivers.

So, How Does It Work?

Even though you are looking to insure your car, does not mean you are going to be allowed to drive it. Obviously with a suspended or revoked license you are not allowed to drive. An insurance carrier is going to protect itself by requiring you to be an excluded driver. Excluded drivers are not covered even if they choose to drive.

Example: An excluded driver chooses to drive in an emergency situation. While driving another vehicle rear-ends the excluded driver’s vehicle. The excluded driver’s auto insurance policy will not payout any damages, even though the accident was not his fault. The policy is basically void because he was not covered under the policy.

Ok, so if you are not driving your vehicle who is? In order to get a car insurance policy, you will need a licensed driver listed on the policy. Usually a blood relative or spouse would be the first choice, someone living in your household would be the next option. You would be listed as the named insured and excluded as a driver. The primary driver would be listed as a driver on your car insurance policy.

No luck finding an agency who allows being a named insured and excluded driver? Try finding an insurance carrier who will allow your primary driver to insure your vehicle in their name. Many insurance carriers only allow the person on the title to purchase an insurance policy. However, some carriers do not make it a requirement. That is another reason to stick with insurance agents who specialize in high risk insurance. Many high risk agents are independent agents, which means they sell several different insurance carriers and will have one that will work for you.

Tried both option one and two and you’re still having problems? Last resort, title your vehicle over to the person you trust the most. They can insure it and title it back over to you once you get your license status in order.

Don’t let a couple of agents turning you away get you down. Keep looking and I’m confident you will find the coverage you need. Keeping your vehicle insured is the responsible thing to do. You do not want to add more violations like driving without insurance to your record. Remember to always be honest with your insurance agent. You really can’t hide a suspended or revoked license anyways. Lying to try and get a cheaper rate will most likely end in your claim not being paid out. Be honest about your situation, and get the policy you need to be legal and truly covered.

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Jun 14

Free and Fast Car Insurance Quote Tips

Looking for a free and fast car insurance quote? Car insurance quotes are not difficult to get, but if you are searching for the best it can take up quite a bit of your time calling multiple companies and looking through endless online insurance websites. Cut through the entire process quickly by trying these great tips for a fast car insurance quote.

Get a Free Car Insurance Quote

This might come as a surprise, but all car insurance quotes are free. If someone is looking to charge you for a quote, run the other way. Advertising free quotes is just a gimmick to draw attention. You probably already have your own reasons for getting a car quote, insurance companies are just trying to give you one more reason, it is free. Well, you are not getting a freebie. Insurance carriers want your business and they are going to be hard pressed to get people to switch if they charge for quotes.

If you are looking to streamline the car insurance quote process because you are in a hurry, there are some different things you can do.

Check with an Independent Agent

  • Give your information to one agent
  • They check with multiple insurance carriers they represent
  • You can select the best rate among the multiple carriers

Definitely a perk of independent agencies is the ability to quote multiple insurance carriers. How do you find an independent agent? Check the phone book or look online. Most independent agencies will list the insurance carriers they represent. Independent carriers have an agency name not just a name brand insurance carrier as their listing. Going with an independent agent can save you both time and money because they can quickly verify which company they represent has the best rates for you.

Multiple Quotes Online

  • Look up Multiple Quotes Online
  • Put your info in a single time
  • Up to 8 insurance carriers will call you with prices

Using an online service which provides multiple insurance quotes can be useful, but it can also be annoying. Some agents can get a little over zealous and not take the hint you are not interested. Be prepared to take lots of calls. Hopefully one of them will be what you are looking for when it comes to service and price.

Go Directly to Insurance Office

Many times you can get a quote instantly by going directing into an insurance office. Discussing your situation with an agent directly can give you a sense of comfort knowing you are in good hands of a knowledgeable agent. Quotes can often be given within 15 minutes. Purchase of the policy can be handled just as quickly if you are really in a hurry.

However you get your car insurance quotes, make sure to take the time to review them thoroughly. You do not want any surprises after the fact when you have a claim.

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Jun 14

How to Get a Low Car Insurance Down Payment

Car insurance costs can be expensive, especially in the state of Michigan. Lots of people choose to pay monthly on their car insurance to make it fit into their budget. Sometimes when you are getting quotes for car insurance the initial down payment can be a real shocker. Some insurance carriers want payment in full for six months, some want two months down, and some will offer one month down, it really depends on the insurance carrier, your method of payment, and your prior insurance history.

So how do you get the lowest car insurance down payment possible?

Payment Method: The most common way to get the lowest down payment is to select automatic withdraw as your payment method. It is also referred to as electronic funds transfer or EFT. This is where the insurance carrier pulls your monthly payment directly out of your checking or savings account. EFT payments have more benefits than a low down payment. It also allows you to avoid payment fees and late fees.

Prior Insurance: Whether or not you have had insurance for the past six continuous months at the time you purchase a new insurance policy can affect your down payment. If you have had a lapse of coverage, it is going to be difficult to find a one month down payment car insurance policy. Always do whatever you can to keep an active insurance policy in place.

Get more helpful tips on reducing your overall car insurance costs. A lot of factors go into determining your car insurance rate. Lowering your overall insurance costs will also lower your down payment. Check out: “The Ultimate Guide to the Cheapest Car Insurance”.

May 14

How to Compare Insurance Quotes

Once you receive several different insurance quotes, it is time to sit down and compare. Knowing what to look for when comparing quotes can make a huge difference in your final decision. Insurance quotes are not always simple to read and understand. Take look at how to compare insurance quotes from both different insurance carriers and multiple quotes from the same carrier.

Comparing quotes from different insurance carriers:

Compare Coverage on Quotes

  • Liability Limits
  • Deductibles
  • Type of Collision (MI: Limited, Standard, or Broad)
  • Extras

Remember you want to compare quotes which are the same. If the coverage is not as close as possible, you are not giving one of the carriers a fair shot. Look through each type of coverage to verify they are as close as possible. Consider extras such as zero deductible on glass or OEM part endorsement because not all carriers offer these coverages.

Compare Policy Periods

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual

Some people are tricked into thinking one policy is extremely cheaper than another just to find out it is a six month policy instead of twelve. Keep the policy length in mind when comparing insurance quotes.

Same Driver Info Given for Each Quote

Do not forget to disclose all of your driving history with potential insurance carriers. Even if you tell the person running your quote about a minor traffic violation, double check to make sure it is added into the quote. Your quote will not be accurate unless all information is provided at the time the quote is run.

Comparing quotes from the same insurance carrier:

Sometimes you need to get multiple quotes from the same insurance carrier. Maybe you are checking different deductibles or dropping a coverage all together. The main thing to keep in mind is to only change one coverage at a time. Subtract the lower price from the higher price to determine your savings.

May 14

Michigan Insurance Quotes 101

Car insurance quotes can be confusing and somewhat stressful to obtain if you do not know what to expect. Michigan can be a tricky state when it comes to car insurance. Prepare for getting lots of useful Michigan car insurance quotes by reading up on great quote tips.

  • How to Get a Car Insurance Quote: Knowing how to get car insurance is the first step in saving money on car insurance and driving a car in Michigan legally. Learn what information you need, what coverage to consider, and where to get car insurance quotes.
  • Best Time to Get a Car Insurance Quote: Timing is everything. Sure you can switch car insurance anytime, but do you know when the best time to get a quote is? Learn what time makes getting a quote the easiest and the most cost effective.
  • Free and Fast Car Insurance Quote Tips: Your time is valuable. Use your time wisely and find out how to get car insurance quotes not only fast but free too.
  • 5 Reasons to Get a Car Insurance Quote: Are you wondering if it is time to start shopping for car insurance? Knowing when it is time to start looking for a new insurance carrier is half the battle. Learn the top five reasons people get car insurance quotes.
  • How to Compare Insurance Quotes: It is time to get educated about car insurance. It could save you lots of money! Take a look at how to accurately compare car insurance quotes. The better you understand the quote, the better you will be at selecting the best car insurance policy for you and your family.

Dec 13

Michigan Insurance Quote Scorecard

Michigan Insurance Quote Scorecard

Have you ever gotten several insurance quotes and still felt undecided about which one was the best? I created this Michigan insurance quote scorecard to help with just this situation. Right click the scorecard and select print. Print a copy for each insurance company you plan to get a quote from.

Using a scorecard will walk you through important considerations to make when talking to a prospective insurance agents. It will also give you something to review later on once you have received all of your quotes. I gave the price category more stars because price is usually the most weighted factor in selecting an insurance provider.

Hopefully this scorecard will help keep you organized and informed when it comes to selecting the best insurance quote. If you are particularly impressed or deeply dissatisfied with a particular quote, you could even mail the scorecard to the agency to let them know how you rated them. Insurance is an important part of your financial life. Making a good choice as to which insurance company insures you could make a big impact on your financial future.

Nov 13

How Often Do You Shop for Car Insurance Quotes?

When is the last time you got a car insurance quote? Maybe it was recently, or maybe a couple of years ago you were checking around. But what if it has been 10, 15, or even 20 years since you last car insurance quote? Now that is loyalty! With all the insurance carriers available today, it is very tempting to check around. It can also potentially pay off big time.

Everyone likes a little loyalty in their lives. Switching insurance every six months can certainly become a hassle and that is not what I am recommending. Maybe you love your insurance agent and never plan to leave. That is okay, you do not have to leave, however it is still nice to know what is out there so you can have a serious talk with your current agent.

It is time to get a quote if:

  • You’ve been with your current carrier for 5 years or more
  • Your insurance rates sky rocket
  • Not satisfied with your insurance carrier or agent

I like my agent. I like my insurance carrier too. Sure there have been some fluctuations with price, we do live in Michigan with the ever increasing MCCA fee. I still check around with other insurance carriers every three years or so just to make sure I’m in the ball park of a competitive rate. I usually check with three different carriers to help determine what the going rate is for my driver risk. At this point I have been with the same insurance carrier for eight years! So, you don’t always have to switch, but be an informed car insurance shopper to save money for your family.

Learn More About Michigan Car Insurance Coverage

Help Shopping for Car Insurance

Sep 13

What Do I Need to Get Car Insurance?

Knowing what you need to get car insurance is a good start to purchasing a policy. Getting car insurance is not all that difficult if you do a little planning in advance. Get your insurance information in order before you start making calls for insurance quotes. The more organized you are, the less hassle getting car insurance will be.

Licensed drivers are required for car insurance. Normally, the vehicle owner is also one of the drivers. Some insurance carriers will allow a person to insure a vehicle they do not own. It really depends on the insurance carrier. Preferred insurance carriers typically require the person who insures a vehicle to own it.

Start with all drivers’ basic information:

  • Name
  • Birth Date
  • Address
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Driving Record

Know your vehicle. Get the information before contacting an insurance agent for a quote. Do not be that person who refers to their vehicle as a red car. Find your vehicle info on your title if you are unsure of the details.

Know the basic information about the vehicles you want to insure:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • VIN for accuracy (optional)

If you have prior car insurance you will need to know a little about your current policy.

Prior insurance information:

  • Limits of Liability
  • Effective Dates

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