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Apr 14

Spring 2014 Michigan Classic Car Shows

Are you a classic car enthusiast? Do you own one? Car shows are the only place many classic car drivers can drive and be covered under their classic car insurance. If that is the case, you will want to be sure to hit up as many car shows as you can so you can take your baby out for a drive. Let me help you plan your spring car show line up. Get your car ready, get your insurance ready, and get your calendar ready for these upcoming shows.
Spring 2014 MI Classic Car Shows
Auto Swap & Classic Car Show
April 13, 2014
Monroe County Fairgrounds

YASR 35th Annual Show ‘N Shine Car show
May 3, 2014 – May 4, 2014
Ypsilanti, MI

McFadden Friendly Motors 9th Annual Classic and Muscle Car Show Cruise-in
South Haven, MI
May 7, 2014

Spring Fling & Car Corral
Dearborn, MI
May 10, 2014

15th Annual Spring Auto Thing
Clinton Twp., MI
May 17, 2014

Michigan Vintage Volkswagen Car Show
Ypsilanti, MI
May 18, 2014

Car & Motorcycle Show
May 18, 2014

13th Annual Corvette Car Show
usually early June, 2014 TBA
Applegate Chevrolet

Cruise & Car Show
usually early June, 2014 TBA
Downtown Mount Clemens

Widetrackers Spring Car Show
June 14, 2014
Springfield Oaks County Park

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Jan 14

Michigan’s 2014 Car Seat Laws

Every parent wants to ensure their child is protected to the fullest extent when it comes to riding in the car. Car seats are not always convenient, but they do serve a very useful purpose. Car seat laws are in place to keep children safe. They also keep parents informed of the safest ways to transport young children in automobiles. Recently, car seat laws have been revised to help keep small children as safe as possible.

New LATCH System Rules

2014 Car Seat LawsIt has been determined the LATCH system, Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, has a weight limit of 65 lbs. The weight limit now includes the weight of the car seat. Car seats can vary quite a bit in weight often ranging from 15 lbs up to 33 lbs. It is important to know the weight of both your car seat and your child. If car manufacturer’s are concerned with the LATCH system holding up in an accident with weight over 65 lbs, you should be too. Once the combination of weight of 65 lbs has been exceeded, switch over to using a seat belt to hold the child and the car seat securely.

Other Car Seat Laws and Recommendations

  • Use a rear facing car seat until the age of 2
  • Children under 4 ride in the back seat in a car seat
  • Use a car seat or booster seat until child is 8 years old or 4 feet 9 inches tall, whichever comes first

Anytime you have concerns about your child seat being installed properly, be sure to get a free inspection at a Child Car Seat Inspection Station. Michigan has close to 250 available Child Car Seat Stations throughout the state. Follow the car seat laws in order to keep your child safe as possible. Image: kdshutterman /

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Jan 14

Brace Yourself Michigan, Brutal Frigid Weather Is Here

This morning temperatures are averaging -10 and lower. Tow companies are making big money this New Year with dead batteries, cars sliding on snow, and other weather related requests for help. AAA spokeswomen stated over 500 calls came in before noon on Thursday and 3000 calls were received on New Years Day in Michigan.

Before you head out, check your car insurance policy to verify your roadside assistance coverage. Even if it is to early to call your insurance agent, look for your insurance carrier’s customer service phone number. Nearly all companies offer 24/7 customer service hours. It won’t do you much good if you wait until after you get stuck on the side of the road. Other places to look for roadside assistance coverage includes your credit card and cell phone carrier.

Stay safe and stay warm!

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Dec 13

2014 Detroit Auto Show Cars and Insurance

The famed 2014 Detroit Auto Show is fast approaching with the public show going from January 18th through the 26th at the Cobo Center in downtown Detroit. Detroit’s auto show is a very fun time for both car enthusiasts and the general public. There is always lots to see from all the big car manufacturers. Everything from new car reveals to concept cars. See the newest technology going into cars including touch screens, push button parking, and vehicle to vehicle communication.

Anticipated Vehicle Reveals for Detroit’s 2014 Auto Show

Some of these vehicles are still in the concept stage of design while others are nearly ready for production. So how do you insure a vehicle that is coming into production for the first time? Most likely, if you can afford one of these fancy sports cars you are not horribly concerned with the cost of insurance. But when it comes time to add it to your car insurance policy, you might run into some snags.

How to Insure a Newly Produced Vehicle

Most insurance carriers will not have brand new vehicles input into their system immediately. So if you are one of the first to purchase a new vehicle, you will probably have to use stated value as its rating base. Stated value tells the insurance carrier the value of the vehicle to help determine how much you will pay to insure it. Stated value means the insurance carrier will pay the stated value amount or actual cash value whichever is lower. So, you do not want to low ball your stated value amount. I recommend going with the MSRP, Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price, of the vehicle regardless if you pay less.

I hope you enjoy the auto show. It is so much fun to dream big. Just remember if you plan on buying big in the near future, you need to insure it too. Get advice from your insurance agent to make certain you are insured properly in case of a major accident.

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Nov 13

Michigan Holiday Roadway Warning

It is that time again when lots and lots of Michigan residents hit the roadways to visit friends and family for the holidays. Lots of drivers combined with frigid temperatures make the roadways a difficult place to maneuver. Add in a few adult beverages and you are really looking for trouble. Remember the holidays are a time for celebration, not a time to deal with a major potentially life threatening car accident.

According to Thanksgiving fatalities average approximately 19 over the four day holiday weekend. In 2012 there were 9 Michigan fatalities due to car accidents. The stats show over the last 5 years the number of deaths have not exceeded 11 people. Hopefully, we will stay in a downward trend for deadly accidents this holiday season. Anymore than zero is one too many.

Both Christmas and New Year’s average 13 fatalities per year over the holiday season. In 2012 Christmas had 9 fatalities and New Years had 15. Please be aware of your surroundings and take your time traveling. Follow the rules of the road, they are in place for a reason. The holidays are a time to reflect on what we are thankful for and celebrate with family. Have a very happy and safe holiday season.

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Oct 13

Will Michigan Become a 2 Plate State?

A two license plate requirement could be coming back to the state of Michigan according to a recent bill proposal in Lansing. It is hot topic for many Michigan drivers concerned about fighting crime, cost, and appearance. Michigan is one of nineteen states who currently only have a one license plate requirement. As with any law change, there are both pros and cons to adding a front license plate to Michigan vehicles.

Pros of Adding a 2nd License Plate in Michigan

  • Help police locate vehicles
  • Easier to identify those who run through stop signs and red lights
  • Safety in extra reflective surface when lights are forgotten

Cons of Adding a 2nd License Plate in Michigan

  • Potential extra cost (nothing is free)
  • Appearance of a font plate on a fancy car
  • Possible car depreciation of adding a second plate
  • One extra thing to add to your to-do list

We have had two plates in the past in Michigan. I think both the pros and the cons are a bit of a stretch. Either way it comes down to the money. How much will the state earn in extra traffic tickets? And how much is adding a second plate going to cost us? What do you think about Michigan becoming a 2 plate state?

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