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May 14

Online Car Insurance Tips

Looking to get online car insurance in Michigan? Make sure you know a thing or two about car insurance before venturing out on your own to set up a policy. Online car insurance certainly has its place in today’s insurance network, but it still takes some knowledge of insurance to configure and purchase your own policy.

Research different types of coverage: Know what each insurance coverage is and what it covers. Car insurance is not something you want to guess about. Make sure you understand each coverage offered on an insurance policy. Online car insurance often defaults your state’s lowest limits of coverage on an initial quote. The lowest limits are not recommended in most cases.

MI Preferred Limits of Coverage

  • 100,000/300,000/100,000 is the recommended liability and property damage limits
  • 100,000/300,000 is preferred for under and uninsured motorist coverage
  • Always Select Limited Property Damage

Accurately input your driving history: Traffic violations and accidents have a big impact on your car insurance price. Make sure to figure these into your quote or you will be looking at changes in your rate at a later time.

Add All Drivers: Omitting a driver to reduce your price can really put you in a bind later on. All related drivers in your household need to be listed on the policy either as an insured driver or an excluded driver. Complications can arise at the time of a claim if the driver is not listed and it is discovered you intentionally avoided listing them. Most online car insurance carriers can run a report to determine all licensed drivers within your household anyways.

Double Check Discounts: Don’t miss out on discounts. Online insurance websites are good at walking you through the process of receiving discounts. Just make sure you qualify for a discount before selecting it.

Get Familiar with Website: If you have choose to go with an online car insurance policy, get familiar with their website. Make sure you know how to access your policy and print proof of insurance. Knowing your way around the site can save you both time and money in the future.

When in Doubt Call for Help: Online car insurance carriers offer around the clock customer service usually manned by licensed insurance agents. Call for help for any reason including deciding on coverage or website problems. It is much better to get your questions answered before a claim needs to be filed.