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Do I Need a Police Report After a Car Accident in Michigan?

A lot of people panic after a car accident. It is understandable. Accidents are high stress situations that do not occur everyday. After an accident you might be wondering what your next step should be. Should I call the police after the car accident? Do I call my insurance agent immediately? What information should I collect? All are valid questions, but the important one right now is whether you should get a police report.

Do I need a police report for an accident on private property in Michigan?

A private property accident includes accidents located in an individual’s driveway or a store parking lot. Police will not come out and fill out a police report for accidents which take place at these locations. Fortunately most accidents which occur at these locations are minor and can be handled easily without a police report. Both drivers should exchange insurance and contact information, then call their own insurance agents to proceed further.

Do I need a police report for an accident on Michigan roadways?

If you are in a collision on Michigan roadways, you are supposed to call the police and get a police report. Even if the accident is minor, the police should be contacted.

Benefits of Notifying the Police

  • Official documentation
  • Fault is usually determined

Cons of Notifying the Police

  • Time spent waiting for the police
  • At-fault driver will probably get a ticket

The not at fault driver always wants a police report and the at fault driver probably does not. It is important to get the police report especially if you are not at fault because it could make or break your claim. Fault is very important when it comes to a car accident. Plus, all of the information including names, phone numbers, location, insurance carriers, and accident description are all collected and put into the report. The at fault driver should accept responsibility and help with the process, it is the law. Driving away after an accident without contacting the police is considered a hit and run which is illegal in the state of Michigan.

Both drivers agree to not call the police.

It most definitely happens. Both parties are in a hurry and damage is minimal so the decision is made to not call the police. Problems can certainly arise when no police report is filed and an insurance claim is made. Stories can change and he said she said becomes an issue. The not at fault driver could be looking at extra expenses if the at fault party does not admit fault. Claims can still be filed, but the process can take longer and fault may not be settled appropriately.

Do I need a police report after a deer crash in Michigan?

It is recommended to get a police report after hitting a deer. The police will document the situation and make arrangements to take care of the deer. Sometimes they even have to put the deer out of its misery. The police report will help your insurance claim go smoothly. Documentation always helps with insurance claims. Some people hit more deer than others. If you happen to be one of the people that hit deer frequently, police reports can minimize the chance of a possible insurance fraud investigation.

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  2. Anytime someone causes damage to you or your property, you need to file a police report. There really is just no way around this one. A lot of insurance companies will do nothing for you unless you have documentation of the accident, and that includes a police report. Trust me, you don’t want to take the chance. I learned that the hard way.

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