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Do I Need to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in Michigan?

I find this question kind of funny. Mostly because I think everyone who rides a motorcycle needs to wear a helmet. I have heard of too many preventable injuries caused by going helmet-less. However, the question is really directed more towards Michigan’s motorcycle helmet laws.

Does Michigan law require a helmet to be worn?

In 2012 Michigan’s motorcycle helmet law changed. Helmets are no longer required in order to ride legally. Other stipulations have been put in place for those of you who choose not to wear a helmet.

Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Laws

  • You must be 21 years of age or older
  • You must have at least 2 years of riding experience or have completed a safety course
  • You must have $20,000 medical benefits listed on a motorcycle insurance policy

As mentioned earlier, the change to the law came in early 2012. It just so happens motorcycle deaths increased 18% in 2012 too. An official report has not come out linking the two, but it clearly has potential to be linked.

So, if you have control over all the other drivers on the road and are looking to be legal when riding your bike in MI the answer is no, you do not need to wear a motorcycle helmet. If you have loved ones and a strong desire to live, then the answer is yes, you need to wear a helmet.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about Michigan’s Helmet Law.

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  1. I agree, helmets should definitely be mandatory for anyone who rides a motorcycle. A lot of people think they are good riders and wont fall but anything can happen on the open road.

  2. Its amazing how many times I’ve heard the same line by riders at the office. “A helmet isn’t going to help me in a motorcycle crash, if its my time to go its my time to go.” I have to disagree. Many people survive motorcycle accidents and helmets can make all the difference.

  3. Valuable information but as per my experience everyday is not same and every accident is not same. Everyone for sake of your loving family wear helmet and other safety gear while riding motorcycle.

  4. Its up to the individual. Not everbody is a speed demon

  5. I have been a motorcycle ride for over 37 years. I have 7 years of higher education and 4 degrees. So, I don’t speak from an unmonitored educated platform. I just moved back from Florida where there is no helmet law and had rode with the black and white MC world as a patched member. I never once wore a helmet. I have been in scales and came out fine. I rode in texas and Maryland with no helmet and will ride no other way. Helmets help only in low speed accident scenarios. High speed accidents result in fatal neck injuries with or without a brain bucket. There are a million ways to die and only one kind of dead. You live more on five minutes on a bike than any other activity. Live it to the fullest and did doing what you love. All of the cowards of the world would love to put their little fears into the rest of us. That simply will not do for me. Ride hard. Die free.

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