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How to Compare Insurance Quotes

Once you receive several different insurance quotes, it is time to sit down and compare. Knowing what to look for when comparing quotes can make a huge difference in your final decision. Insurance quotes are not always simple to read and understand. Take look at how to compare insurance quotes from both different insurance carriers and multiple quotes from the same carrier.

Comparing quotes from different insurance carriers:

Compare Coverage on Quotes

  • Liability Limits
  • Deductibles
  • Type of Collision (MI: Limited, Standard, or Broad)
  • Extras

Remember you want to compare quotes which are the same. If the coverage is not as close as possible, you are not giving one of the carriers a fair shot. Look through each type of coverage to verify they are as close as possible. Consider extras such as zero deductible on glass or OEM part endorsement because not all carriers offer these coverages.

Compare Policy Periods

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual

Some people are tricked into thinking one policy is extremely cheaper than another just to find out it is a six month policy instead of twelve. Keep the policy length in mind when comparing insurance quotes.

Same Driver Info Given for Each Quote

Do not forget to disclose all of your driving history with potential insurance carriers. Even if you tell the person running your quote about a minor traffic violation, double check to make sure it is added into the quote. Your quote will not be accurate unless all information is provided at the time the quote is run.

Comparing quotes from the same insurance carrier:

Sometimes you need to get multiple quotes from the same insurance carrier. Maybe you are checking different deductibles or dropping a coverage all together. The main thing to keep in mind is to only change one coverage at a time. Subtract the lower price from the higher price to determine your savings.


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