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How to Get Insurance Without a License in Michigan

Getting car insurance without a driver’s license in Michigan might seem impossible. Getting your insurance license suspended or revoked is a difficult time. You’re always needing someone to drive you somewhere. Your car is ready to go, but your insurance dropped you because of your suspended license. Many agents may be sending you away, maybe they are even telling you it is impossible. Well, I’m here to tell you with a little persistence it is possible.

Start by approaching the right insurance companies.

No License, No ProblemIf your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, you are a high risk driver. Insurance carriers are concerned that even though you are not supposed to be driving, you will anyways and they will be stuck covering any losses you incur. You need to look for an insurance carrier who specializes in high risk auto insurance.

Popular High-Risk Insurance Carriers in Michigan(in no specific order)

Other carriers handle high risk insurance too. Some preferred carriers like State Farm offer high risk insurance coverage too. Calling an agent who only handles high risk auto policies is going to make things easier for you. They will be very familiar with your situation and will want your business. One of the problems high risk drivers face, is that preferred insurance agents are looking for preferred drivers and often do not want to handle policies involving high risk drivers.

So, How Does It Work?

Even though you are looking to insure your car, does not mean you are going to be allowed to drive it. Obviously with a suspended or revoked license you are not allowed to drive. An insurance carrier is going to protect itself by requiring you to be an excluded driver. Excluded drivers are not covered even if they choose to drive.

Example: An excluded driver chooses to drive in an emergency situation. While driving another vehicle rear-ends the excluded driver’s vehicle. The excluded driver’s auto insurance policy will not payout any damages, even though the accident was not his fault. The policy is basically void because he was not covered under the policy.

Ok, so if you are not driving your vehicle who is? In order to get a car insurance policy, you will need a licensed driver listed on the policy. Usually a blood relative or spouse would be the first choice, someone living in your household would be the next option. You would be listed as the named insured and excluded as a driver. The primary driver would be listed as a driver on your car insurance policy.

No luck finding an agency who allows being a named insured and excluded driver? Try finding an insurance carrier who will allow your primary driver to insure your vehicle in their name. Many insurance carriers only allow the person on the title to purchase an insurance policy. However, some carriers do not make it a requirement. That is another reason to stick with insurance agents who specialize in high risk insurance. Many high risk agents are independent agents, which means they sell several different insurance carriers and will have one that will work for you.

Tried both option one and two and you’re still having problems? Last resort, title your vehicle over to the person you trust the most. They can insure it and title it back over to you once you get your license status in order.

Don’t let a couple of agents turning you away get you down. Keep looking and I’m confident you will find the coverage you need. Keeping your vehicle insured is the responsible thing to do. You do not want to add more violations like driving without insurance to your record. Remember to always be honest with your insurance agent. You really can’t hide a suspended or revoked license anyways. Lying to try and get a cheaper rate will most likely end in your claim not being paid out. Be honest about your situation, and get the policy you need to be legal and truly covered.

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