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5 Reasons to Get a Car Insurance Quote

  1. Sick of Not Getting Calls Back From Your Agent: You deserve better! It is easy to find agents who are never at the office or do not return your phone calls. If your agent never seems to be available, do something about it. Start getting car insurance quotes from other agents who actually want your business.
  2. Price Goes Up Every Six Months: Tired of seeing your car insurance bill go up every six months without any changes to your driving record? It might be time to start shopping. Car insurance rates are always changing. They may be changing with other insurance carriers too. It never hurts to get car insurance quotes to make sure you are getting the best rate available to you.
  3. Improved Driving Record: You have put in the dedication of keeping your driving record clean for the last three years. Your last ticket has finally fallen off your record and your insurance carrier rewards you with a five dollar decrease in rates. Once again, it is time to get a car insurance quote or two. Maybe you were with a high risk insurance carrier and now you are eligible for a preferred carrier. Check it out, you might be surprised how much you are able to save.
  4. Horrible Claims Service: So you filed your first car insurance claim and were shocked at the unorganized mess your claim turned into. The handling of claims is the heart of every insurance carrier. Unfortunately it is difficult to know how your insurance carrier will perform in your time of need. If you are not satisfied with their work, start getting some insurance quotes from other carriers.
  5. You are Moving: It is not required to switch insurance carriers as long as you are staying in the same state. It may be more convenient though. It can be nice to actually go into your insurance agency from time to time. There is something to be said for personal interaction with your insurance agent. Consider switching to a local agent if you are moving to a new city.

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