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How to Get a Car Insurance Quote

Purchasing a car insurance policy begins by getting car insurance quotes. In order to find the best insurance rate, you will need to get quotes from a couple of different sources. When getting quotes focus on a couple of main aspects to narrow your search of the perfect car insurance policy for you.

Provide Accurate Information

  • Name, address, and birth date for all drivers
  • Any tickets or accidents for all drivers
  • Prior car insurance liability limits
  • Vehicle VIN numbers and or year, make, and model

Providing accurate information is a necessity for an accurate quote. Not disclosing tickets or being unsure of your prior liability limits could make for a drastic difference in price. Once you go to purchase a quote all the details are finalized and you could end up with a different price than the original quote if you are not being completely honest.

Request the Same Coverage with Every Quote

  • Select Liability Limits
  • Select Comprehensive and or Collision
  • Select Deductibles

It is okay to check prices of different coverages, but when shopping around make sure you are comparing the same coverage from one insurance company to another. Insurance quotes come highly customized and it is easy to forget to make certain quotes match apples to apples.

Check with Different Types of Insurance Companies

  • Online Insurance ex: Esurance, Geico, Progressive
  • Captive Agents ex: Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide
  • Independent Agents ex: Multiple carriers with one agent Allied, AutoOwners, Safeco

Spreading out your quote search by checking with different types of companies, you are more likely to find the best company for you. It is not necessary to get a quote from every single insurance carrier. Find one you are comfortable with and is offering a fair rate when compared with a couple of others.

Do Not Forget About Service

  • Friendly agent or representative
  • Knowledgeable about their product
  • Fast to get back with you
  • Easy to use website if purchasing online

Getting a quote is the first test of potential future customer service. You will be dealing with this agency or website on a regular basis. It only makes sense to make sure the agency is reliable and competent to handle your business. Ask lots of questions to get a feel for the agent.

Keep Track

  • Price
  • Coverage
  • Customer Service

Keep track of all the categories. Write down the price, the coverage, and customer service experience for every quote you get. It will make it easier to make an educated decision on which quote is the best for you. Now you know how to get quotes, get to work. Lots of reasons exist to get car insurance quotes including because it can save you money. With a little effort, you will be set with your new car insurance policy in no time.

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