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Best Time to Get a Car Insurance Quote

Yes, preferred times do exist to get a car insurance quote. Take advantage of the best time to get a quote in order to save some extra cash and make the entire process a little smoother. Planning ahead of time almost always benefits you.

3 Best Times to Shop Car Insurance Quotes

  1. The best time to get a car insurance quote is when you receive your renewal paperwork in the mail. Renewal paperwork typically comes 45 to 30 days before your actual renewal. Renewal paperwork consists of a declaration page and other pages of legal jargon. Use your declaration page as a tool to get other car insurance quotes. Let your prospective new insurance company review your current policy. It will allow them to quote your coverage as similarly as possible. Switching at your renewal will also make it so your payments come to a clean break. You won’t owe your insurance carrier any money and they won’t owe you any money.
  2. Get a car insurance quote more than 8 days before you actually want to switch. Many insurance carriers offer an extra discount for getting a quote in advance. The advance quote discount will save you some money and usually sticks with the policy for as long as you have it. Insurance carriers love responsible drivers. Shopping ahead of time and not waiting until the last minute shows responsibility. In return, you receive a discount.
  3. When calling around to get quotes, do so in the morning hours. By calling in the morning, you are more likely to get your quote the same day. Potential agents will be more on their game when compared with calling at the end of the day.

One car insurance perk is that you can switch at anytime. Yes getting a quote ahead of time might save you a few dollars, but sometimes you need to get a car insurance quote fast. Just because some remember a smoother transaction can be taken place if you wait for your renewal.

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