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What is Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

A very popular car insurance coverage in Michigan is comprehensive insurance coverage. Comprehensive covers a wide variety of physical damage to vehicles. The all encompassing way to phrase it is that it covers anything other than collision. So that leaves a whole slew of things which can happen to a vehicle.

The Most Common Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Claims

  • Deer or other animal
  • Windshield Damage
  • Vandalisim
  • Hail

Hitting a deer in Michigan is a fairly common occurrence especially for those of you living in rural areas. Comprehensive does not only cover deer though. A raccoon, a bird, or even a dog can damage your car if they get in the road. Comprehensive coverage will cover the damages regardless of what type of animal is hit.

Windshields can get damaged in lots of different ways. Actually comprehensive covers all glass damage whether it is your windshield, side window, or rear window. It will cover flying objects and falling trees.

Vandalism is unfortunately a possibility of damage to anyone’s vehicle. If your vehicle was keyed or your side mirror was busted, comprehensive is the coverage which will cover the repairs. A police report will need to be filed in order to get your claim filed.

Hail can cause a lot of damage quickly. Luckily all of those little dents can be fixed with the help of comprehensive coverage.

More Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Losses

  • Flood
  • Theft
  • Fire

Does Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Come With a Deductible?

It is possible to purchase comprehensive insurance coverage without a deductible, however it becoming more and more rare. $100 is a common comprehensive deductible and $500 is growing in popularity with insurance carriers. Check your insurance declaration page or call your agent to find out what your deductible is for comprehensive.

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