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Snow Made Me Slide Into Another Car

Snow in Michigan is a given every winter. Sliding into another car because of the snow can happen fairly easily if you are not careful. If you were to slide into another car how would it impact your car insurance?

Who is At-Fault?

Even though the snow was a factor in the collision, you are still considered to be at-fault. Sliding into any object whether it is a guard rail, a mailbox, or another car, insurance companies consider it to be at-fault. Really there is no way out of it. Even if a ticket is not issued by a police officer, the out of control vehicle is at-fault. You are responsible for your vehicle at all times. Speed is often a factor in snow related accidents. You have control over your speed. If you truly feel it was completely the snow’s fault, you probably should not have been out driving on the road to begin with. It may not seem fair, but someone has to be at fault in every accident.

Does a Deductible Apply?

Snow Covered RoadAll at-fault accidents come with a deductible in Michigan. A collision deductible only applies if your vehicle needs repairs. The deductible is the amount you are required to pay in order to have your vehicle repaired and the insurance company pays the rest. A medical deductible may apply depending on how your medical coverage is setup and if you sustained injury. The most common deductible on collision is $500. Deductibles can vary though depending on how you initially set up your policy. Image: Dan /

Will My Insurance Go Up?

If a claim is filed, yes the at-fault driver will more than likely see an accident surcharge on their next renewal policy. It is common for accident surcharges to stay on your insurance record for three years, although it can vary per insurance carrier. It is pretty hard to say how much your insurance will go up. It can vary depending on your insurance carrier and prior record. The amount of the increase can also be affected by your age and the vehicles you insure.

What Happens to the Other Driver and Vehicle?

Since Michigan is a true no-fault state, the other driver’s insurance policy will cover the damage to their vehicle as long as they have collision coverage. If they do not carry collision, the most they can get from your policy is $1000 under the limited property damage coverage. All of their medical expenses will be paid by their car insurance policy. Depending on the severity of the accident, some potential does exist for them to try to collect for pain and suffering. However, in Michigan the odds of that happening are fairly slim when compared to other states.

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