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5 Reasons to Shovel Your Sidewalk

The snow is coming down hard right now here in the state of Michigan and lots of its surrounding states. It is estimated 110 million Americans are being affected by this winter snow storm. A big part of dealing with winter storms is snow removal. It is important to not forget about your sidewalk when clearing your driveway. Take a look at 5 reasons to get you motivated as you head out to shovel.

  1. Slip and Fall Liability: That is right, as a homeowner you are liable for anyone who slips and falls on your property even if it is on the sidewalk. Some sidewalks have heavier traffic than others. Regardless of how much traffic your sidewalk gets, just one slip and fall can be a huge home owner’s insurance claim. Depending on how severe the injuries are, you could be looking at your full liability limit. Keep your sidewalk clear of snow and spread salt and or sand to prevent ice related slip and falls.

    A liability claim typically does not require a deductible. However, it will affect your future insurance rates. Liability claims against a home owner’s policy are serious. Some preferred insurance companies may not accept your risk when shopping for insurance if they see a liability claim listed in your recent claim history.

  2. Possible City Fines: Cities need their sidewalks cleared not only for public safety, but for economic reasons too. In large cities, foot traffic is crucial for people to get to and from different businesses. Most cities enforce strict fines for failure to remove snow. Shoveling snow into the roadways or in front of mailboxes and fire hydrants is also cause for fines.

    Tickets for not shoveling your sidewalk are often complaint driven. Look up your city’s sidewalk snow shoveling laws online, know your community, and know what to expect. The extra expense of a fine might be the last thing you want to deal with especially around the holidays.

  3. Make Your Home Appear Occupied: Leaving your driveway and sidewalks covered in snow is a giveaway for thieves of a vacant home. Make arrangements for snow removal even when you are on vacation.
  4. Exercise: Winter time is frequently a time of weight gain for many people. Shoveling a sidewalk can be a great way to burn some of those holiday cookies off. Shoveling snow should be proceeded with caution. Make certain you are up for the task before heading out.
  5. Courtesy: It really is just common courtesy to shovel your sidewalk. Don’t be the house forcing a person in a wheel chair to get out in the street. Have pride in your community and neighborhood by protecting it against treacherous walkways.

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