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What has Been Your Worst Car Accident?

Everyone’s driving history is unique. As an insurance agent, I’ve heard a lot of car accident descriptions. Accidents ranging from falling asleep at the wheel, to getting stuck on top of a deer carcass on the highway. Luckily, I personally have only been in one minor accident.

I was driving my sister’s vehicle at the time, slid on ice, spun 180 degrees, and the tail end of the vehicle hit the median. I was able to drive away after receiving a ticket for driving too fast for weather conditions. I paid her $500 deductible and listened to her complain about the damage for a week until it could get repaired.

My Lessons Learned

  • Do not drive another person’s vehicle
  • Stay home in bad weather conditions
  • Have an emergency fund available for deductibles and even worse tickets

It turned out to be an expensive life lesson, but luckily I did not sustain any injury. I was also lucky she had collision coverage on her vehicle. I have to say though, I have done all of the things on the list to the best of my ability since the accident and it was eleven years ago! I rarely ever drive another person’s vehicle. I hate driving in the winter and I have set up a decent emergency fund just for these types of situations.

What has been your worst car accident? Did your claim go smoothly?

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