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What is Broad Collision?

Broad collision is the best collision coverage offered in the state of Michigan. Broad collision is physical damage coverage for your vehicle. It provides coverage both for when you are at-fault and not at-fault in an accident.

How does it work?

Broad collision covers collisions with other vehicles and inanimate objects including pot holes. You cannot go after another person’s car insurance policy for the full damages to your vehicle when you are not at-fault in Michigan. Broad collision provides the protection you need. Fault only has a baring on whether or not you pay a deductible.

  • At-Fault Accident = Deductible
  • Not At-Fault Accident = No Deductible

Some insurance carriers may provide a zero deductible even when you are at-fault, but you will be paying a much higher rate for the coverage. Deductibles lower your cost of insurance because you are taking on some of the risk. The higher deductible you select the lower your overall cost of insurance.

Why is broad collision the best?

A great example of what makes broad collision the best is that if you are hit in a parking lot and do not know who caused the damage, you are covered with broad collision. Plus, since the damage was not your fault, your vehicle will be repaired with no deductible. Anytime someone else causes damage to your vehicle your broad collision coverage will cover the repairs at no cost to you.

Who should purchase broad collision?

Because broad collision provides the best protection, it also costs the most. Broad collision is the best option for many drivers. Consider purchasing broad collision if you have a loan on your vehicle, are worried about all the distracted drivers on the road, and or your vehicle still holds quite a bit of value higher than $6000. Broad collision is also a good option if it is difficult for you to save up an emergency fund to cover a deductible. It can be extremely frustrating to have to pay a deductible or worse all the repair costs when someone else caused the damages.

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