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Is Home Owner’s Insurance Required in Michigan?

Michigan has a lengthy list of insurance laws. Car insurance is a requirement for all drivers, home owner’s insurance is a different story. There is no law saying home owner’s insurance is required. The factor which really determines if you will be forced to carry insurance is whether or not you have a mortgage or lender of some sort.

Your mortgage company or land contract holder want to make sure their investment is protected. If your home were to go up in flames, they would be out their investment without insurance in place. As part of your mortgage or land contract agreement, you also agree to keep the property insured.

Is Michigan Home Insurance a Must?Pay off your home and insuring it becomes an option. A home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Insuring it is highly recommended. Home owner’s insurance protects both your home and your belongings. Unless you have a big pile of cash in the bank, you’d be wise to keep your home insured.

What about Flood and Earthquake insurance?

If you live in a flood or earthquake zone, your lender will require theses coverages. Remember your lender wants to be fully protected. Luckily here in Michigan we do not have to worry too much about earthquakes, but flood is definitely a possibility in some areas. Make sure you are aware of those risks when you a purchasing a home.

What happens if I have a lender and do not keep my home insured?

Thinking of saving some cash by opting out of home owner’s insurance? Think again. Because you have agreed to keep your home insured in your lender agreement, your lender can purchase a policy for your property and send the bill to you. These third party insurance policies are very expensive and will not cover any of your belongings. You are much better off buying a policy and keeping it current throughout the mortgage period.

What about Renter’s Insurance?

It is important for renters to carry insurance too. Some apartment buildings and rented homes require it in order to rent. Renter’s insurance will protect your belongings and any liability you might incur.

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