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Michigan Hail Storm Damaged Car and Roof

When it comes to storms, Michigan pretty much has it all. A hail storm can be extremely damaging to both your car and your home. Determining your insurance coverage after a major storm can seem confusing and overwhelming. If you know what to look for and expect, it can make the process go a whole lot faster and smoother.

Hail Damage to a Car

Hail can leave your car looking like a mess. Hundreds of dents can cost a small fortune to repair. Only one insurance coverage will be able to help you. Comprehensive Coverage. Forget all the other insurance coverages, comp is king. Check your declaration page or look up your policy online and review your coverage. If you have comprehensive or also sometimes called other than collision coverage listed on your policy, you are covered.

Call Your Claim in Immediately

Hail storms are often fairly widespread. That means a lot hail claims might be pouring into your insurance carrier. Getting in at the front of the line can mean the difference between a short and sweet claim and a long and drawn out one. Yes, your deductible will apply. Plan on paying it at the time of your repair. Nearly all insurance carriers in Michigan allow you to choose your own body shop, but using an insurance preferred shop can speed up the claims process.

Hail Damage to Your Home

It can be a little harder to tell if you have sustained hail damage to your home. Really, someone needs to go up onto the roof and inspect to know for sure whether or not it is damaged. An excessive amount of shingle pebbles in your gutters could be a sign of damage. Most standard home policies cover hail damage. It is common to have hail coverage an optional coverage on mobile homes. It is best to check with your insurance agent to verify coverage.

Have Your Roof Inspected

There are two ways to handle your roof inspection. You can have your own inspector come out and take a look before notifying your insurance company. This is a good option if you are friends or relatives with a licensed contractor. It can be easier to just ask somebody you know to take a look than calling in the insurance adjuster. If no damage is visible, then you saved yourself a little time. If damage is found, an adjuster will still most likely come out and take a look to verify the damage.

Or, you can just call your insurance company and request an adjuster to take a look from the very beginning. The adjuster will come out and let you know if damage is present. I do not know of an insurance company who surcharges for calling in a claim without going through with claim payout. However, it has been rumored to happen. Its probably best to ask your agent if having your roof inspected by an adjuster will affect your future premiums.


Any time damage occurs to your home or personal property, a deductible applies. Zero deductible policies are pretty much non-existent nowadays. The deductible is typically subtracted from the payout to repair your home.

Repair Cost or Replacement Cost

Repair cost means your roof will be depreciated. Then the amount of money it would cost to repair your depreciated roof is paid out. Basically if your roof is 20 – 30 years old, you are not going to be happy having repair cost coverage. The amount the insurance company pays out could be much lower than the amount of money it is going to take to replace your roof.

Replacement cost means, so long as you replace the damaged portion of your roof, the full amount minus your deductible will be covered. It is important to know your home owner coverage. It can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction of your policy.

Combine Auto and Home Claims

Regardless of whether you are in Michigan or not, hail storms can be costly. Try your best to protect your property. Move your vehicles into the garage if you know a severe storm is on the way. Even though insurance can be a big help dealing with the damage, paying your deductible might not exactly be easy. If you did sustain hail damage to both your car and home, ask your insurance company if they will allow only one deductible to be paid. It is very possible if the damage happened during the same storm and you have both your car and home insured with the same insurance company.

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