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Michigan Insurance Quote Scorecard

Michigan Insurance Quote Scorecard

Have you ever gotten several insurance quotes and still felt undecided about which one was the best? I created this Michigan insurance quote scorecard to help with just this situation. Right click the scorecard and select print. Print a copy for each insurance company you plan to get a quote from.

Using a scorecard will walk you through important considerations to make when talking to a prospective insurance agents. It will also give you something to review later on once you have received all of your quotes. I gave the price category more stars because price is usually the most weighted factor in selecting an insurance provider.

Hopefully this scorecard will help keep you organized and informed when it comes to selecting the best insurance quote. If you are particularly impressed or deeply dissatisfied with a particular quote, you could even mail the scorecard to the agency to let them know how you rated them. Insurance is an important part of your financial life. Making a good choice as to which insurance company insures you could make a big impact on your financial future.

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