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Michigan Insurance Review, A New Chapter

I really wanted this site to be a niche site about Michigan car insurance. Apparently I do not have the discipline or stamina to keep it up. I write about car insurance and loans on and they actually pay me to do it. Money is an actual motivator, who knew? I thought I should start my own site to earn a higher percentage of money, however it seems unlikely at this point. Search engine optimization, and Google, and time seem to always be working against me. And then there is my forever boring beast of a topic, “insurance”. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want another one of my projects to fall through the cracks, so I’m changing my niche. My new niche is whatever I feel like talking about, which could get interesting, and random.

Swirling Brain Syndrome

I can’t be the only one who gets this non-stop annoying syndrome. My brain will not stop swirling. I’m pretty good at a few things and I think I could help / teach someone something. My interests and halfway “good at” life skills include:

  • Personal Finance – I’m currently 33, I paid off 55k of debt and saved 35k in the bank so I could quit my painfully boring job and stay at home. Its been two years since I quit selling personal lines insurance. I’ve promised myself at least two more years before going back to a traditional job.
  • Cooking – I have gotten ridiculously good at cooking. Nothing too fancy but so delicious that I seriously feel my family eats better than 90% of the world.
  • Fitness – I’m no body builder, but I am in pretty good shape. I workout daily and eat healthy and have been doing so for about 18 months straight. Sometimes I think I could be a personal trainer, but then I think there goes my swirling brain again.
  • Struggling Entrepreneurship – Chronic “I’m going to make a million on this idea” syndrome. I know a couple of things about this and could probably give a bit of advice on what to avoid.
  • Stay at Home Life – Mommy bloggers everywhere unite! Staying at home might be your dream job, but actually living it might not be. An insider look at the daily grind could be helpful to some.
  • Parenting – Nothing like a little personal experience to make me an expert right? I have two boys. Seriously feel like I could write a great breastfeeding article. Does that fit on a site titled Michigan Insurance Review? Guess what? I don’t care!!
  • Vacation Planning – Seriously this can be hard. I’m the head vacation planner around here and it is exhausting. Surely, I can help you with my sometimes terrible experiences.
  • Exchange Student Host – I’m hosting an exchange student right now for 10 months. I’m halfway in and I’ve got a lot I could tell about this experience.
  • Relationship Advice – Hey, I’ve been married 13 years. Maybe I could give some relationship advice.
  • Graphic Design – Yup, I went to school for that. Photoshop, Illustrator tutorials here I come.
  • Writing a Book – I’m keeping this one on the back burner for now. I have a great children’s book idea already written out and I’m trying to illustrate it. Currently, I’m having a focusing problem.
  • Focusing Problems – Maybe I could write about how I deal with those little devils.
  • Building a Website – I certainly know how to build a website. I have designed and filled about 5 sites with content. I am actually addicted to buying domain names. I like to collect them like shoes, or nick-knacks, or whatever it is people collect.
  • Car Insurance – I actually do know a few things about car insurance. I sold it for 8 years and learned a lot about the industry and people in general. I might get crazy and throw in a few more insurance related articles, but don’t expect too much from me.

Alright, I think that will be a good start. Why do I want to put an emoji after every sentence? So addicted to texting. Right now I’m getting a little over 3k people on this site a month. It’s definitely not a destination site. It’s a search and get the hell out site. Maybe with my handbook, aka my overflowing brain, of life skills I can make you want to come back for more.

Quick and Adorable Family Pic

Delbridge Family Picture

No Longer in it for the Money

Super done trying to make money on a blog. Now I’m just going to practice my writing skills and write what I like. Complain about whatever I want, whenever I want. And believe me when I tell you complaining is my #1 finely tuned skill.

Don’t Tell Anybody!

I’m not going to verbally tell a single soul about my change to the site. Nobody I know reads this site, I’m quite sure everyone I know was bored with it before I finished its description. And I’m tired, so tired of telling people I’m trying something new or different. I’m just going to keep this little change for me. I really do want to keep it educational, but I can see it turning a little bit diary-ish.

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