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My Neighbor’s Tree Fell On My Property, Who Pays?

Love thy neighbor, that is until their tree falls right on your house right? Then it’s how did this happen? Why didn’t they trim that tree? Who is going to pay for this? It might seem like the owner of the tree ought to be held responsible, however, their home insurance is not going to cover any damages to your property. It is probably even more far fetched to think they are going to pay out of pocket. It really is not their responsibility to either.

How It Works

Neighbor's Tree Fell on My PropertyIt is your job to make sure your home is protected properly. The best way to protect your property is with a home insurance policy. Home insurance covers your property, not your neighbors. It works the same for both of you, their policy is not going to cover your property just as your policy will not cover their property. If a neighbor’s tree falls on your house, you need to call your home owner’s insurance company to file a claim. You will be responsible for paying your deductible.

Standard Policy Provides Coverage For:

  • Tree on Your House
  • Tree Across Your Driveway
  • Tree on Out Building, Pool, or Fence

No Damage, Just a Neighbor’s Tree In My Yard

The neighbor’s tree comes down in your yard and they don’t want to pay to get it cleaned up and neither do you. This situation usually really gets people fired up. Most standard home insurance policies do not cover a single downed tree after a storm. Someone’s got to give or you are going to be stuck with a nature made jungle gym in the yard. A lot of people are using wood burning stoves nowadays, many are happy to come and clean up a down tree so they can keep the wood. Call and ask your insurance agent if they know anyone who could be of help. The bottom line is if the tree is on your property, you are responsible to clean it up.

Neighbor’s Tree Fell On My Car

Ok, so what about your car? You guessed it, your car insurance is going to be the place to look for coverage. If you have comprehensive coverage on the damaged vehicle, you are covered. Plan on paying your deductible.

Injured From a Neighbor’s Tree Falling

Freak accidents can happen. If a neighbor’s tree falls on you, then you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. If it occurs on your neighbor’s property, it should be fairly cut and dry. Now if you were on your property and the tree falls on you, it gets more complicated. You could try filing a claim against your neighbor’s home insurance policy. You should probably speak to claim adjuster and or a personal injury attorney to determine what is covered. There are just so many “what ifs” out there, it is very difficult to determine the exact coverage for everyone.

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