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My Tires Were Stolen! Am I Covered By My Car Insurance?

It isn’t something you thought you had to worry about. You went into the store parking your car like you always do and shopped for hours. Leaving in a great mood with all your new fun items you get to your car and notice something is missing… your tires!

This is a crazy moment where you scream and run around for a few minutes freaking out that someone actually stole your tires. Now that everyone in Michigan knows your pain, it’s time to figure out if your insurance covers this. You can’t go anywhere without your tires so they should be the first call you make. It will probably be to your best friend to tell them your tires are gone, but then the second call should definitely be to the insurance company.

Do you have comprehensive coverage?

The only way your tires being stolen will be covered is if you have some form of comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive is the one you get that covers repairs you need that are not related to a car accident. It usually comes with a deductible. Normally your insurance will subtract your deductible from the payout in the case of theft.

You need to file a police report

As with anything that is stolen, it is important to report it right away. You need to call the police to come out and make a report as soon as you realize your tires are missing. It will make it a lot easier to get a claim filed and approved with your insurance company if there is a report made. On the other side, you will have trouble getting a claim approved if you wait too long to file a report. Don’t wait a couple of days to file a claim because it will hold you up at the insurance company.

Once you discover the theft and have a few minutes to freak out, jump into action and get someone out to the scene of the crime. The police are good about marking down the details they know the insurance adjuster is going to ask for.


Unless your car is very new or you recently purchased new tires, the insurance carrier will most likely depreciate your tires. We all know tires get worn and need replaced after so many thousands of miles. When your tires have lost their tread, you have to pay to replace them on your own. Well, your insurance carrier does not want to pay the full value of replacement when you were overdue for replacement anyways. The adjuster will ask you how old your tires were at the time of loss. They will then calculate the depreciated value, the value they were at the time of loss, and pay you that amount minus your deductible. This is very frustrating to many insured drivers. Lots of drivers are caught off guard when the hear this information. Unfortunately it is true for nearly every insurance carrier. Keep in mind, your insurance company did not steal your tires, a thief did. Try to be mad at the thief, not your insurance company. You might even be getting angry reading this, sorry. Theft is always tough to deal with and no words can really make you feel better. I hope the police catch them for ya, and they are properly / severely punished.

How long does the process take?

As with any insurance claim, it will take a few days at least to go through. Since the adjuster doesn’t have to review any type of damage, it may take a little less time. Just make sure you get the paperwork in as soon as possible to avoid any type of delays. Within a couple of days, you will know your claim has been approved and you are ready to get back on the road again with new wheels.

Prevention is the key

In the event your tires have been stolen you may want to look at some methods of preventing them from being stolen. This can include getting an alarm system installed where if someone comes near your car with ill will in mind, it will run them off quickly. This may help you avoid being stranded with an immobile car after a fun day of shopping too.

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