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Someone Broke Into My Car and Stole Personal Items

Unfortunately it happens, you come out to your car and the door has been pried open or your window smashed. Personal items have been stolen. Maybe a a car radio, a camera, a purse, Christmas presents, and who knows what? How does insurance handle a situation like this?

As with most insurance claims, it can get complicated sorting out what coverage covers what. Let me break it down for you.

Covered by Comprehensive Coverage

  • Damage to your car from break-in
  • Stolen Factory Installed Radio

Covered by Home Insurance

  • Camera
  • Purse
  • Other Personal Belongings

What about custom stereo equipment?

High value custom stereo equipment usually requires an extra endorsement on your car insurance policy. Most policies come with a low automatic coverage for custom equipment. If you have any high dollar upgrades, you need to notify your insurance company so you are covered in a situation like this. Your comprehensive deductible will still apply.

Will I have to pay two deductibles?

Actually, it is possible. A broken door handle or broken glass will fall under your car insurance and stolen personal items will be covered by your home insurance. How much you pay in deductibles depends on how you have your policies setup. It is a possibility to get your deductibles combined if you have your car and home insurance insured with the same insurance carrier. It never hurts to ask. Ask your claim adjuster or insurance agent if combining deductibles is possible.

The Hard Truth

A lot of vandalism and car break ins amount to a fairly low dollar amount loss. Many times the loss will not exceed your deductible. As frustrating as it is, you may be out of luck when it comes to getting compensated.

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