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May 14

How to Compare Insurance Quotes

Once you receive several different insurance quotes, it is time to sit down and compare. Knowing what to look for when comparing quotes can make a huge difference in your final decision. Insurance quotes are not always simple to read and understand. Take look at how to compare insurance quotes from both different insurance carriers and multiple quotes from the same carrier.

Comparing quotes from different insurance carriers:

Compare Coverage on Quotes

  • Liability Limits
  • Deductibles
  • Type of Collision (MI: Limited, Standard, or Broad)
  • Extras

Remember you want to compare quotes which are the same. If the coverage is not as close as possible, you are not giving one of the carriers a fair shot. Look through each type of coverage to verify they are as close as possible. Consider extras such as zero deductible on glass or OEM part endorsement because not all carriers offer these coverages.

Compare Policy Periods

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual

Some people are tricked into thinking one policy is extremely cheaper than another just to find out it is a six month policy instead of twelve. Keep the policy length in mind when comparing insurance quotes.

Same Driver Info Given for Each Quote

Do not forget to disclose all of your driving history with potential insurance carriers. Even if you tell the person running your quote about a minor traffic violation, double check to make sure it is added into the quote. Your quote will not be accurate unless all information is provided at the time the quote is run.

Comparing quotes from the same insurance carrier:

Sometimes you need to get multiple quotes from the same insurance carrier. Maybe you are checking different deductibles or dropping a coverage all together. The main thing to keep in mind is to only change one coverage at a time. Subtract the lower price from the higher price to determine your savings.

Dec 13

Michigan Insurance Quote Scorecard

Michigan Insurance Quote Scorecard

Have you ever gotten several insurance quotes and still felt undecided about which one was the best? I created this Michigan insurance quote scorecard to help with just this situation. Right click the scorecard and select print. Print a copy for each insurance company you plan to get a quote from.

Using a scorecard will walk you through important considerations to make when talking to a prospective insurance agents. It will also give you something to review later on once you have received all of your quotes. I gave the price category more stars because price is usually the most weighted factor in selecting an insurance provider.

Hopefully this scorecard will help keep you organized and informed when it comes to selecting the best insurance quote. If you are particularly impressed or deeply dissatisfied with a particular quote, you could even mail the scorecard to the agency to let them know how you rated them. Insurance is an important part of your financial life. Making a good choice as to which insurance company insures you could make a big impact on your financial future.

Nov 13

How Often Do You Shop for Car Insurance Quotes?

When is the last time you got a car insurance quote? Maybe it was recently, or maybe a couple of years ago you were checking around. But what if it has been 10, 15, or even 20 years since you last car insurance quote? Now that is loyalty! With all the insurance carriers available today, it is very tempting to check around. It can also potentially pay off big time.

Everyone likes a little loyalty in their lives. Switching insurance every six months can certainly become a hassle and that is not what I am recommending. Maybe you love your insurance agent and never plan to leave. That is okay, you do not have to leave, however it is still nice to know what is out there so you can have a serious talk with your current agent.

It is time to get a quote if:

  • You’ve been with your current carrier for 5 years or more
  • Your insurance rates sky rocket
  • Not satisfied with your insurance carrier or agent

I like my agent. I like my insurance carrier too. Sure there have been some fluctuations with price, we do live in Michigan with the ever increasing MCCA fee. I still check around with other insurance carriers every three years or so just to make sure I’m in the ball park of a competitive rate. I usually check with three different carriers to help determine what the going rate is for my driver risk. At this point I have been with the same insurance carrier for eight years! So, you don’t always have to switch, but be an informed car insurance shopper to save money for your family.

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Jul 13

What is the Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision?

Both comprehensive coverage and collision coverage cover physical damage to your vehicle. However, each coverage has its own set of rules and only applies to certain types of damage. Pay close attention to your car insurance coverage to prevent confusion and claim delay. Knowing the difference between comprehensive and collision can save you a lot of grief at the time of a claim.

Rules to Comprehensive

  • Can be added without collision
  • Can be a stand alone coverage if you have another vehicle insured
  • Comprehensive is often purchased with a low deductible like $100
  • Covers anything other than a collision. Deer, flying objects, fire, theft, and vandalism are all comprehensive claims.

Rules to Collision

  • Cannot purchase collision without comprehensive
  • Covers collisions with other cars and inanimate objects like buildings, stop signs, light poles, and mailboxes.
  • Collision is often purchased with a higher deductible like $500

Comprehensive claims are often smaller type claim which cause less damage. For that reason insurance carriers often charge a lower rate for comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage has the potential to cover very large claims. A collision with another car at a high speed can easily total out a vehicle. That is why collision coverage tends to be a more expensive coverage.

Always understand what a coverage is before purchasing it on your car insurance policy. Knowing these types of things before you have an accident will make the situation much less stressful because you will know what to expect. Being caught off guard at the time of an accident in regards to your car insurance can be extremely upsetting.

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