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Jun 14

Free and Fast Car Insurance Quote Tips

Looking for a free and fast car insurance quote? Car insurance quotes are not difficult to get, but if you are searching for the best it can take up quite a bit of your time calling multiple companies and looking through endless online insurance websites. Cut through the entire process quickly by trying these great tips for a fast car insurance quote.

Get a Free Car Insurance Quote

This might come as a surprise, but all car insurance quotes are free. If someone is looking to charge you for a quote, run the other way. Advertising free quotes is just a gimmick to draw attention. You probably already have your own reasons for getting a car quote, insurance companies are just trying to give you one more reason, it is free. Well, you are not getting a freebie. Insurance carriers want your business and they are going to be hard pressed to get people to switch if they charge for quotes.

If you are looking to streamline the car insurance quote process because you are in a hurry, there are some different things you can do.

Check with an Independent Agent

  • Give your information to one agent
  • They check with multiple insurance carriers they represent
  • You can select the best rate among the multiple carriers

Definitely a perk of independent agencies is the ability to quote multiple insurance carriers. How do you find an independent agent? Check the phone book or look online. Most independent agencies will list the insurance carriers they represent. Independent carriers have an agency name not just a name brand insurance carrier as their listing. Going with an independent agent can save you both time and money because they can quickly verify which company they represent has the best rates for you.

Multiple Quotes Online

  • Look up Multiple Quotes Online
  • Put your info in a single time
  • Up to 8 insurance carriers will call you with prices

Using an online service which provides multiple insurance quotes can be useful, but it can also be annoying. Some agents can get a little over zealous and not take the hint you are not interested. Be prepared to take lots of calls. Hopefully one of them will be what you are looking for when it comes to service and price.

Go Directly to Insurance Office

Many times you can get a quote instantly by going directing into an insurance office. Discussing your situation with an agent directly can give you a sense of comfort knowing you are in good hands of a knowledgeable agent. Quotes can often be given within 15 minutes. Purchase of the policy can be handled just as quickly if you are really in a hurry.

However you get your car insurance quotes, make sure to take the time to review them thoroughly. You do not want any surprises after the fact when you have a claim.

Suggested Reading

Jun 14

How to Get a Low Car Insurance Down Payment

Car insurance costs can be expensive, especially in the state of Michigan. Lots of people choose to pay monthly on their car insurance to make it fit into their budget. Sometimes when you are getting quotes for car insurance the initial down payment can be a real shocker. Some insurance carriers want payment in full for six months, some want two months down, and some will offer one month down, it really depends on the insurance carrier, your method of payment, and your prior insurance history.

So how do you get the lowest car insurance down payment possible?

Payment Method: The most common way to get the lowest down payment is to select automatic withdraw as your payment method. It is also referred to as electronic funds transfer or EFT. This is where the insurance carrier pulls your monthly payment directly out of your checking or savings account. EFT payments have more benefits than a low down payment. It also allows you to avoid payment fees and late fees.

Prior Insurance: Whether or not you have had insurance for the past six continuous months at the time you purchase a new insurance policy can affect your down payment. If you have had a lapse of coverage, it is going to be difficult to find a one month down payment car insurance policy. Always do whatever you can to keep an active insurance policy in place.

Get more helpful tips on reducing your overall car insurance costs. A lot of factors go into determining your car insurance rate. Lowering your overall insurance costs will also lower your down payment. Check out: “The Ultimate Guide to the Cheapest Car Insurance”.

Nov 13

How Often Do You Shop for Car Insurance Quotes?

When is the last time you got a car insurance quote? Maybe it was recently, or maybe a couple of years ago you were checking around. But what if it has been 10, 15, or even 20 years since you last car insurance quote? Now that is loyalty! With all the insurance carriers available today, it is very tempting to check around. It can also potentially pay off big time.

Everyone likes a little loyalty in their lives. Switching insurance every six months can certainly become a hassle and that is not what I am recommending. Maybe you love your insurance agent and never plan to leave. That is okay, you do not have to leave, however it is still nice to know what is out there so you can have a serious talk with your current agent.

It is time to get a quote if:

  • You’ve been with your current carrier for 5 years or more
  • Your insurance rates sky rocket
  • Not satisfied with your insurance carrier or agent

I like my agent. I like my insurance carrier too. Sure there have been some fluctuations with price, we do live in Michigan with the ever increasing MCCA fee. I still check around with other insurance carriers every three years or so just to make sure I’m in the ball park of a competitive rate. I usually check with three different carriers to help determine what the going rate is for my driver risk. At this point I have been with the same insurance carrier for eight years! So, you don’t always have to switch, but be an informed car insurance shopper to save money for your family.

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