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Jan 14

Top 4 Reasons to Get a Life Insurance Quote Today

Have you been putting off getting a life insurance quote? Make getting your finances in order a priority this New Year. Check out the top 4 reasons to get a life insurance quote today.

  1. Term Life Insurance Follows You: Employer life insurance policies are good policies, however what happens if you change jobs? You lose those benefits. A 20 year life insurance policy will follow you no matter where you are employed. Life insurance quote rates increase the older you get. So if you lose or change your job say at the age of 45, you will be looking at paying a higher rate to replace the policy.
  2. Protect Your Family: Losing a family member is always heart breaking. Relieving the stress of money shortages will make the transition a little easier. A good life insurance policy will give you peace of mind. Knowing your loved ones are taken care of will be a gift to both of you.
  3. Easiest Type of Insurance to Quote: Life insurance has to be the easiest type of insurance to quote. It takes approximately 5 mins to get an estimate. All you need to provide is your name, birth date, and whether or not you smoke, then select a coverage amount…that’s it!
  4. Curiosity: Aren’t you just a little curious at what your rate would be? When the topic of life insurance comes up, many people feel guilty because they do not have any in place. Learning what price you would be looking at can help you plan a budget. You might be surprised at the rate you can get if you are healthy and under the age of 40.

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