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Aug 13

Do I Have to Pay the MCCA Fee?

Looking through your car insurance policy, you might come across the MCCA fee and wonder whether you actually need to pay it. The MCCA fee is a mandatory part of Michigan’s no fault insurance policies. So, yes you will need to pay it in order to drive your car legally in Michigan. The money goes directly to the state of Michigan which puts it into a fund to cover catastrophic auto accident injuries. Michigan is the only state which requires unlimited medical coverage on all auto policies.

3 Ways to Not Pay the MCCA Fee

  • Have your vehicle in storage meaning the only coverage listed on the vehicle is comprehensive.
  • Purchase a non-owners car insurance policy. A non-owners policy is for when you do not own a vehicle. The MCCA fee is not charged with a non-owners car insurance policy.
  • Move out of Michigan (other states do not pay the MCCA fee)

All other auto policies in Michigan will automatically be charged the MCCA fee. As of July 1st 2014, the MCCA fee is $75 every six months per insured vehicle. This is the first year in several years there was not an increase. Most insurance carriers list the MCCA fee separately because it is a state fee not an insurance company fee.

Why is the MCCA Fee so Expensive?