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Will Michigan Become a 2 Plate State?

A two license plate requirement could be coming back to the state of Michigan according to a recent bill proposal in Lansing. It is hot topic for many Michigan drivers concerned about fighting crime, cost, and appearance. Michigan is one of nineteen states who currently only have a one license plate requirement. As with any law change, there are both pros and cons to adding a front license plate to Michigan vehicles.

Pros of Adding a 2nd License Plate in Michigan

  • Help police locate vehicles
  • Easier to identify those who run through stop signs and red lights
  • Safety in extra reflective surface when lights are forgotten

Cons of Adding a 2nd License Plate in Michigan

  • Potential extra cost (nothing is free)
  • Appearance of a font plate on a fancy car
  • Possible car depreciation of adding a second plate
  • One extra thing to add to your to-do list

We have had two plates in the past in Michigan. I think both the pros and the cons are a bit of a stretch. Either way it comes down to the money. How much will the state earn in extra traffic tickets? And how much is adding a second plate going to cost us? What do you think about Michigan becoming a 2 plate state?

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